Event details: 2018 VCE English Language Mini-Method

19/07/2018 to 01/11/2018 
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Since its introduction, VCE English Language has been steadily growing in popularity among students and teachers who wish to explore English from a different perspective.

English Language mini-method has been running successfully for several years. Whether you are already teaching English Language, or will be in the future, the mini-method is a great way to get into it. Run from July to November, this course prepares you for teaching Units 1, 2, 3 and 4 in 2019.

You can select to do HALF the program, eg. Overview and Units 1&2, or the whole program, or the second HALF of the program eg. Overview and Units 3&4. In both cases (booking only half a program) you attend the initial Thurs 19 July OVERVIEW session.

Sessions are recorded so attendance is not mandatory.


Venue: AEU Building, 126 Trenerry Cres, Abbotsford. (next to the old AEU Building)


Presenters: Tracy Doig - On leave from Vermont Secondary College, Dani Cantor - Balwyn High School; Louise Noonan - Balwyn High School; Daniel Wightman - Marcellin College.


Cost: Full program (all sessions) prices inc. GST

Individual VATE member $780; Institutional VATE member $800; Concession $625   


Cost: Half program (4 sessions) prices inc. GST

Individual VATE member $445; Institutional VATE member $465; Concession $345  


Overview of the program - NOTE: sessions are recorded for online listening and access to notes




(Reg 30 min. before start)

Overview of Units 1–4

The subsystems of language; grammar and metalanguage

Tracy Doig

Thursday 19 July


Rego 4.30pm

Unit 1: Language and communication

AoS 1: The nature and functions of language

AoS 2: Language acquisition

Dani Cantor

Friday 10 August


inc. rego 9-9.30am

Unit 2: Language change

AoS 1: English across time

Louise Noonan

Thursday 16 August


Rego 4.30pm

Unit 2: Language change

AoS 2: Englishes in contact

Dani Cantor

Thursday 23 August


Rego 4.30pm

Unit 3: Language variation and social purpose

AoS 1: Informal language

AoS 2: Formal language

Daniel Wightman

Monday 3 September


inc. rego 1 - 1.30pm

Unit 4: Language variation and identity

AoS 1: Language variation in Australian society

Daniel Wightman

Thursday 18 October


Rego 4.30pm

Unit 4: Language variation and identity

AoS 2: Individual and group identities

Daniel Wightman

Thursday 1 November


Rego 4.30pm


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Cancellation Policy: Cancellations must be received at the VATE office in writing. Cancellations received between 5 and 3 working days prior to the event date will be charged a 15% cancellation fee. Cancellations received less than 2 working days prior to the event will receive NO REFUND. If you do not attend and have not notified the office in writing according to the above policy, you will receive no refund.

126 Trenerry Crescent
Abbotsford VIC 3067
Event contact:
Dag Roenning (9411 8500) 
Supporting Documents:
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Price details: Days Cost
Individual Half Program 1 $445.00
Institutional Half Program 1 $465.00
Concession Half Program 1 $345.00
Individual Full Program 2 $780.00
Institutional Full Program 2 $800.00
Concession Full Program 2 $625.00


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Event Extras: Office Booking  Date: Thursday 1 November, 2018
Office Booking $20 (Cost $20.00)
2018 ELMM Overview and Units 1&2  Date: Thursday 19 July, 2018 at 4:30pm – 7:00pm
2018 ELMM Overview and Units 1&2
  Almost full.
2018 ELMM Overview and Units 3&4  Date: Monday 3 September, 2018 at 1:00pm – 5:30pm
2018 ELMM Overview and Units 3&4