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VATE Curriculum and Assessment Committee forum

Whole School Priorities and their impact on the English classroom

When: Tuesday 5 September

Time: 5 - 5.30pm Registration; 5.30 - 7pm Forum

Venue: Albert Park College, Port Melbourne (Bay St campus) 40 Bay St, Port Melbourne

Room: Environmental Arts Hub

Speakers: Jacqui Coker, St. Leonard’s College; Mark Stracey, St. Joseph’s College Geelong; Ciar Foster, Northcote High School.

Cost: Individual/concession members: Free

School members: $27.50

We live in times of perpetual change. Technology is accelerating all around us, at once broadening our horizons yet threatening to unseat the quiet centre crucial to our personal and collective sanity. Our workplaces are certainly not immune to these blind forces, and the educational landscape in which we operate year-in year-out bears the impact, necessitating shifts that range from minor adjustments to sweeping transformations in our curriculum, pedagogy and assessment practices – to say nothing of the continued destabilisation of the philosophies upon which our subject is founded.

Once a space for transmitting the values of western ideology, the English classroom has multiplied and diversified to enable individual stories to be spoken, heard and written – for the Word, in its myriad forms, to be engaged with. It has upheld its responsibility to civics and citizenship by providing a forum that questions, challenges, resists, reimagines and recreates. It has recognised that literacy means different things for different people in different places, and sought to empower by developing the skills and capacities needed to experience success in whatever sphere of life we move.

With its compulsory designation at the senior levels, our subject has become increasingly an arena for high-stakes performance, compounded in the junior levels by a world-wide trend towards standardisation and (inter)national testing. This, however, stands in sharp tension with demands to foster deeper learning experiences for our students, to personalise learning, to nurture individual wellbeing and social health, to build 21st century competencies of collaboration, creativity, resilience, to produce products that matter in an entrepreneurially-oriented economy, and to make student learning lifeworthy, engaging and worthwhile.

In this environment – and with the added scrutiny placed on teacher accountability through the data push – how can English teachers harness the potential of these broader educational trends, and in what ways must we aim to resist the directions in which they are taking us? 




Join us for a VATE C&A Forum that seeks to paint the educational landscape, share some stories from the Catholic, Independent and Government trenches, and lead to some thought-provoking discussions that stimulate practice and ideas for moving forward – composed, reaffirmed, yet ready.


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Albert Park College
Bay St Campus 40 Bay St, Port Melbourne
Port Melbourne VIC
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Linda Baron (Mon - Thurs) events@vate.org.au (9411 8500) 
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Forum  Date: Tuesday 5 September, 2017 at 5:30pm – 7:00pm
Whole School Priorities and their impact on the English classroom